Pranayam 4 “Tension Headache”


Pranayam is panacea for ‘’Tension Headache’’. Medi yoga gives the technique how to channelize our prana in our brain. Generally any type of headache comes only, when prana get imbalanced. In this chapter we are showing you, how to move prana into your brain.

Mool Bandha (Perineum):
Technique: Sit straight in any comfortable meditative pose or on the chair, keep the palm of the hands on the knees, eyes closed, now contract muscles of the pelvic region and hold the contraction, do not hold the breath. Repeat the exercises 10 times with maximum contraction and total relaxation. It can also be done by holding breath inside or outside but it should be only done under the supervision of an expert guru.
Checkpoint: Should not be done in case of bleeding in the rectum.
Effect: Relieves constipation, piles, depression. It also controls sexual disorders and help to relieve sexual frustration, suppression of sexual energy and feeling of sexual guilt.


Uddiyan bandha (abdominal retraction lock):
Technique: If you have any spinal injuries, sit on the chair comfortably, place the palm of the hands on the knees with the spine straight, Inhale deeply. Now exhale slowly and completely through the mouth with a whooshing sound. Hold the breath outside, raise the shoulder up, now contract the abdominal muscles inward and outward .Do it as long as you can without strain, then relax abdominal muscles . Relax shoulders, and finally inhale slowly.
Repetition: practice for 4 to 5 rounds.
Checkpoint: It must be always be done on a completely empty stomach. It should not be done in case of colitis, stomach and intestinal ulcer, heart disease and glaucoma.
Remembering point:uddiyan is easy when practiced as taught by a guru.  Even an old person can become young. When it is done regularly, there no doubt that, after six month of practice, death is conquered.” 


Ujjai Pranayam (Psychic Breath)
“Ujjai, victorious pranayam can be done while moving, standing, siting or walking. It removes drossiness and disorders of nadis and dhatu.”

Technique: Sit in a comfortable meditative pose or lie on the back. Now Inhale slowly and deeply through the throat, producing sounds like soft snoring, the mouth should be closed. And hold for a second then exhale slowly and completely through the nose.
This is one cycle of breathing .Lets do this for 5 minutes or as long as you comfortably can
Checkpoint: creating sound through the throat is very important.
Effect: It helps to soothe the nervous system and calm the mind. You can do it in the office also. It is very effective and easy to do for all those who don’t have time. You can do this even while walking or in bed.

Anulom-Vilom (Alternate Nostril Breathing)
“By proper practice of pranayama etc, all diseases (mental or physical) are eradicated. Through improper practice all diseases can arise.”
Yogi Swatmaram states that alternate nostril breathing purifies the nadis (whole nervous system) within three month.

Technique: Sit in any comfortable meditative pose or on the chair, close the right nostril and inhale slowly, steadily and deeply through the left nostril, after full inhalation hold it for a while and now close the left nostril and exhale slowly steadily through the right nostril.  Slowly Inhale again through the right nostril and exhale from the left. This is one round .Lets do this for 5 to 10 minutes with closed eyes.
Checkpoint: while practicing, be sure that there should be no strain on the face and the head and body do not tilt in any direction. If you have high blood pressure or heart trouble, then avoid holding breath exercises.

Effect: It helps to reduce the level of stress, frustrations, anxiety and hypertension.

Bhramari pranayam
Om pranayam




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