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Appointment for critical diseases & Navel Displacement (नाभि व धरन का हट जाना)


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YOGI ANOOP Audio Video lectures

Yogi Anoop has Developed a unique technique for diagnosis in yoga & meditation. Owing to his inherent expertise he does not have to question or probe the patients for their related ailments and diseases and in 23 years long meditative and spiritual life he has cross-trained himself in such a way that he can envision the minutest detail of the patient’s mind and body constitution and according to the corresponding constitution he suggests Yogic breathing and meditative techniques. He has even cured count less people with varied disorders. He also lectures on these techniques so that everyone can get benefited by them. A lot of patients from India as well as from different parts of the world have been diagnosed and cured by him



Medi Yoga Teacher
Duration: 3 Month

MediYoga Grand Master 

Duration: 6 Month

Medi Yoga Acharya
Duration: 1 Year

Medi Yoga Pradhyapak
Duration 2 Year

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Navel Displacement, नाभि व धरन का हट जाना

The root cause of all diseases is Navel Displacement

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4 days once in a month

Medi Yoga Master London

Twice in a Month

Medi Yoga Grand Master